Women have been wearing cowboy boots for years.  They were worn for work on the farm or ranch.  They were worn with jeans or a western skirt.  They were different.  You couldn’t describe them a pretty.  They weren’t ugly, but they didn’t qualify as pretty.  So women who liked square dancing donned their western outfit and became Boot Scooting Women for the night.

Have you checked the boots for women lately?  They qualify as pretty.  First they come in every color of the rainbow.  Then add the gorgeous embroidery and there’s no way to lose with this selection.  There are purple boots, pink boots, blue boots, and of course brown boots.  Then there are the white ones.  Gemstone studded, they really are pretty enough to wear on her wedding day.  This is being done more and more lately.

Talk about the embroidery.  There is stitching in contrasting colors and stitching in matching colors.  Some have stitching in the same color but a different shade.  The embroidery is of eagle’s wings and birds.  Some just have an abstract design of embroidery.

Then there are the gemstone women’s cowboy boots.  Some have gemstones going all the way down the piping.  Others in the embroidery to enhance the look.

What about fringe boots?  They’re all the rage these days, in a range of colors, heights and styles.  Whether with a solid heel or a moccasin style, fringe boots are funkiest cowgirl fashion (Native American rather) around!

Don’t forget the dyed boots.  Well, not the entire boot.  Just within the stitching.

Boot scooting women have a choice of how tall they want their boot.  Most come to the knee.  There are some that come to the lower calf.  Others look more like ankle boots.  If you choose knee high boots, be sure they will be comfortable over the calf of your leg.

There are a variety of heel heights and thicknesses.  Some are traditional cowboy boot height and thickness.  Some are a little taller, but keeping the thickness.  Then there are the boots with a traditional women’s heel.  This style is very dressy and not intended to be worn in the corral.

No matter what boot you choose, be sure:

  • You like them.
  • They accent your wardrobe.
  • They are comfortable.